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About Us

International Kyokushin Budokai & Tactical Krav Maga Federation (IBK)


About Us

Welcome to the offical website of the IKB.

The International Kyokushin Budokai & Tactical Krav Maga Federation was born to support a large number of people who came demanding a place to feel identified and to guide them in the way of true Kyokushin Karate, to transmit True Budo Spirit without Profit. The IKBF which is a worldwide based federation was established as an independent Kyokushin federation un-affiliated to Japan. The IKBF under Hanshi Izhac Grinberg follows the principles and regulations of the International Budokai Kan (IBK) under Kaicho Jon Bluming and Judan Kenji Kurosaki.

We have grown with the help of our members around the globe, we decided the world did not need another Kyokushin organisation so we esablished a new approach for all Kyokushin Budokai and Basis Budokai Judo members. This Federation gives you the ability to become an independent instructor, dojo or organisation.

The International Kyokushin Budokai & Tactical Krav Maga Federation unites all our membeship groups together under one roof and helps unite us as a strong Federation.

The IBK has been established for over many years; we work on a no politics policy and allow the freedom for all our members to grow the way they wish too. We use the Kyokushin Budokai Kan syllabus, we allow our members to use there own kata's and kihons providing they are teaching 90% Kyokushin syllabus, we ask that each Instructor teaches the Kyokushin Budokai dojo kun and follows the elements of Kyokushin Budokai as of  Sosai Mas Oyama,  Kaicho Jon Bluming and Judan Kenji Kurosaki .

The IBK is like no other Kyokushin organisation, we are there for memberships for all types of Kyokushinkai,  spliter groups, other karate styles, individual instructors and dojos. We even allow you to remain a member of another Kyokushinkai, organisation, or other karate/martial art organisations. We bring together these groups under one roof to give them a home even if they are a Kyokushinkai spin off Organisations, or other karate/martial art organisations as long as you also do Kyokushin. We are a Federation to bond all types together regardles of where they gained there Kyokushinkai/Karate/Martial Art grades.

Our Honbu office is open and we will contact you for Federation infomation or notifications. We have a strict non interference dojo policy. We don't charge a yearly fee and we are purely to support the groups in membership and to help get them back into a Kyokushinkai and Basis Judo Organisation.

All Head Dojo Instructors are automaticly issued the rank of Branch Chief free of charge to allow them to grade there own Students. A Head Branch Chief (minimum Sandan Grade) is the Instructor Hanshi Izhac Grinberg will contact to inform them of any new members in that country.

All IBK Federation committee members including Hanshi Izhac Grinberg are volunteers and work for the love of karate and not for any financial gain. 
Our Federation Founder is Hanshi Izhac Grinberg who started karate back in 1980.

Membership is very simple you have to exhibit a bonifide
Kyokushinakai/Karate/Martial Art dan or grade certificate for your rank,  complete the application form and we will then contact you for acceptance after evaluation by Hanshi Izhac Grinberg.

IBK Signed Federation Affiliation Certificate.
IBK Signed Dan grade certificate(equivalent to your current grade after evaluation and acceptance by Hanshi Izhac Grinberg) will be mailed (look at Dan Rank Price list).

Emailed copy of the IBK Federation Constitution.
You will be listed on the IBK website Yudansha list.

Please remember your application form and an emailed copy of your latest Dan Certificate with photo to: kyokushinkai.ikkf@gmail.com

International Kyokushin Budokai & Tactical Krav Maga Federation.

Terms & Conditions


How to join International Kyokushin Budokai & Tactical Krav Maga Federation

Every person who wants to join to the International Kyokushin Budokai & Tactical Krav Maga Federation should contact Hanshi Izhac Grinberg. It is possible by mail, (in contact tab) or facebook (icon on the right side of the website).

First step is to send a photo of last grade certificate (no matter style or organisation). Next step is to send a dojo or organisation name, city and list of black belts.

After that, person, dojo or organisation will be official member of the International Kyokushin Budokai & Tactical Krav Maga Federation after evaluation and acceptance of new nember by Hanshi Izhac Grinberg.


The membership will be confirmed by signed certificate of Dojo Operator or Branch Chief and Federation Affiliation (after  confirmation is done by Hanshi Izhac Grinberg) and new member is accepted after evaluation.


Signed Certificate confirmation to the grade in IBK Kyokushin Budokai Kan (equivalent to your current grade) will be mailed after evaluation and acceptance of new member by Hanshi Izhac Grinberg (look at Dan Rank price list).


When a new member is accepted after evaluation by Hanshi Izhac Grinberg an Organisation package will be mailed that will include: 

  1. IKBF Kyokushin Federation Affiliation signed Certificate.

  2. IKBF Kyokushin Branch Chief or Dojo Operator signed Certificate.

  3. IKBF signed Dan Certificate (equivalent to your current grade) after evaluation and acceptance of new member by Hanshi Izhac Grinberg.


Affilation and membership are free (no fees for being in).