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At IISA's security service and consulting, our experts are highly trained to analyze vulnerabilities and recommend on how to reduce them and improve security. We analyze the client's current security solutions in relation to industry standards and/or recommend on those practices or recommend on improvement changes. We define the extent of the security issues and needs and present our client with various alternatives for improving the security.


Our team takes a proactive line of action for solving problems to the level of identifying previously unknown problems to the client.


Our experience in identifying and reducing risks t protecting assets and personnel is a highly beneficial to our clients.

IISA provides tailor-made security solutions for private, commercial and governmental entities based on comprehensive risk assessment, site survey, security planning, advisory and management security services.


Every country and every situation is different as are a clients' needs. IISA develops a detailed security plan to ensure that all measures are in place to provide immediate and active responses to any and all situations that might arise.
IISA assesses the existing security configuration and together with the client, determines the necessary security solution.

IISA uses state-of-the-art firearms, vehicles and communication equipment to ensure client protection.