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About Us

IISA is an international, non-governmental organization established in 1998, providing security solutions and risk/high-risk service designed for non-hostile/hostile environments.

Our core tactical specialization comes from Israeli elite military units, special law enforcement units, Israel General Security Service (I.G.S.S) and corporate security.


Our team members are highly trained and experienced in defense. They have years of active and reserve duty, graduates of the Israeli General Security Service, Israeli Police Special Forces, Yamam and S.W.A.T team members. Furthermore, they are reserve members in the Special Forces team of the I.D.F (Israeli Defense Forces) and belong to the Elite I.D.F Units. They participated in numerous security-related assignments.

Our instructors continue to do their reserve duty in their respective combat units, which allows them to maintain an edge in their training skills. Because our instructors have served in high-risk combat environments, IISA can provide its clients with the most current and up-to-date operational methods for high-level security professionals, military and law enforcement. Our techniques are continually being tried and tested in the field and our methods are constantly being upgraded.


Our training security courses are based on the Tactical Training System (TTS), integrating an up-to-date tactical approach of military, law enforcement and security operations and the relevant transition in use of force adaptation in the hostile environment of today.

Through TTS training, we provide tactical education that is geared towards advancing the military, security and law enforcement operatives to enhance enforcement capabilities. Our security courses are derived through reality-based situations and provide theses agencies with an effective training policy and rapid tactical readiness of their area of expertise.


IISA recognizes the need for individualistic training preferences of our clients and therefore works with each client to develop a custom training curriculum based on their training needs and objectives.

Whatever your needs, we can provide you with an individual or team. Our Protection Specialists are qualified and best trained to provide you with the security that you need to feel safe.

Our Principles

  • Discretion - we promise our clients total discretion and confidentiality.

  • Integrity - we offer our clients high standard service maintaining honesty and integrity at all times.

  • Professionalism - we provide our clients with thorough, high standard and professional security with accordance to their specific needs. 

  • Excellence - our team consists of highly professional and experienced members that served and trained in special force units both in the army, police and I.G.S.S professional bodyguards - they are committed to outstanding performance.