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About Us

IISA is a private international organization providing security solutions and risk/high-risk service designed for non-hostile/hostile environments.

Our highly trained team members' specialization comes from Israeli elite military units, special law enforcement units, Israel General Security Service (I.G.S.S) and corporate security.

IISA's security courses are based on the Tactical Training System (TTS). Through our security courses, we provide tactical education that advances the military, security and law enforcement operatives to enhance enforcement capabilities. Our security courses are conducted through real-life situations to provide effective training and rapid tactical readiness of expertise.


IISA completes the training with our self defense courses in our Krav Maga Academy. We provide all levels of Krav Maga, from basic to professional and team leader Krav Maga courses.


Security Courses and Krav-Maga Courses

IKBF (International Kyokushin Budokai Federation)  |  GBA (Global Bodyguard Association)

The International Kyokushin Budokai & Tactical Krav Maga  Federation (IKB) which is a worldwide based Federation was established as one of the first Independent Kyokushin Federations un-affiliated to Japan.

The ICPA was started in with a vision of gathering professional Close Protection Officer's and Security Personel under one big organization.